Thursday 23 September 2010

Milibands tied in Times' voter favourability stakes

The Times has the eye-catching headline 'Labour voters prefer Brown to Milibands' (£), reporting Populus polling of how favourable voters are to past, current and potential future political leaders, giving average ratings out of 100.

However, this finding largely reflects affection among Labour supporters for the last PM (though not shared by supporters of other parties) for the last PM.

Labour voters:

Gordon Brown: 58
David Miliband: 54
Ed Miliband: 54

Despite inevitably having considerably lower name recognition, both brothers outpoll both Blair and Brown among the electorate as a whole.

Overall, the leading Labour leadership candidates score not far behind either the Prime Minister or his deputy, which is not bad given that the winner might well anticipate a post-result boost.

All voters:

David Cameron: 49
Nick Clegg: 44
David Miliband: 40
Ed Miliband: 40
Tony Blair: 35.6
Gordon Brown: 35.3

The joint scores for both Milibands suggests their fraternal battle may have evened up their relative recognition rates among the public as the contest approached its close. (The polling took place between September 10th and 12th).

Neck and neck - again!


Anonymous said...

When will the result be announced?

Sunder Katwala said...

this Saturday afternoon, around 4pm. The Labour party website is inviting people to sign up to an email alert to get the result straight away.

It will also be live on the TV news channels and I expect the radio, etc.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Thanks very much.