Sunday 3 May 2009

In a word, what Labour stands for

'I think we have got a very powerful underlying social policy, which is summed up in one word: equality'

Jack Straw on the world this weekend this lunchtime. (Listen here, 11 minutes and 20 seconds in).


Useful to have it on the tin.

Not nearly as difficult as some once feared either.

And, since Straw is as New Labour as they come, can we all please agree that this is no "lurch to the left".

Straw went on to say: 'If you look at our record over the last dozen years, and look at what we are going to do for the future, you will see for example, as the OECD said in a major study they published, got too little coverage October, that we have moved further and faster to reduce the gap between rich and poor between 2000 and 2005, which is the period they were measuring, than any other country. We are carrying that on'.

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FloTom said...

If Labour believed in Equality explain why currently we have a Scottish Parliament, Secretary of State for Scotland, Welsh Assembly, Secretary of State for Scotland, Northern Ireland Stormont Parliament, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

Did you notice how equal England is under this Labour Government.?

If Labour believed in Equality can you explain why every single person is Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland receives more under the Barnett Formula than any individual in England.

If Labour believed in Equality explain how when talking about sovereignty for the Falkland Islands or for Northern Ireland it says it is up to the people to decide. Yet when it comes to keeping its promise to give a referendum on the EU Constitution / Lisbon Treaty the people of England are denied the right to decide.

Labour’s definition of Equality is the English are Equal but everyone else is more Equal than us. They have betrayed England they have betrayed the poor of England and the sooner we seen the back of this sleaze ridden Labour Government run by a Scottish Cabal that hates the English the better.

By the way before you decide I am a Tory think again. Labour are Traitors.