Thursday 21 May 2009

Poster boys (and girls) hit the roadsides

Just back from a short trip to Ireland, where the telegraph poles are adorned by millions of political posters for the upcoming local and European elections - in stark contrast to our own nude version.
To pass the time on long car journeys we opted for a vote among the group - which included a collection of friends from India, Germany and the UK - on our nominated candidate based solely on the poster.
Poster power is a major factor in Irish politics which leads one to wonder what the candidates poster budgets are like? Massive, I should think, if the output is anything to go by. And what is the likelihood of getting elected if you don't poster - has anyone researched the question?
A 3.5 hour road journey tuned into RTE1 meant I am better informed on Irish news and politics than normal. Election coverage played a major factor in the news - with potholes being nominated as a major local election issue.
There seemed to be a general feeling among the populace, taxi drivers and people we met that the Irish government were due a good clout at the elections for the way the economy had taken a nose dive. Watch that pole.

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Calix said...

Reminds me of a funny time in Italy just before the exciting Berlusconi/Prodi elections. We saw one lot of supporters busily paste up beaming Beresconi posters on every tree or lamp-post, only for them to be torn down by not so beaming Prodi posters, and then vice-versa. Much ado about nothing.

Elections can be fun when there's real energy and passion in the air.