Saturday 9 May 2009

You say you want a revolution ...

Neil Robertson wrote a good post on the politics of Jarvis Cocker for Liberal Conspiracy which dug rather deeper than our recent effort here at Next Left. (Neil mostly blogs at The Bleeding Heart Show)

Now, the man himself has given a long interview to The Independent today, partly to plug his forthcoming album 'Further Complications'.

Jarvis is mostly steering clear of politics, after the recent flurry in which he had to correct reports that he wanted the Tories to win.

He does briefly mention that he wants a revolution, though it sounds as though somebody else had better start it:

"I was recently quoted," he begins with a heavy sigh, "as saying that a Conservative government is now necessary. What I meant, of course, was a necessary evil. It's not like we have much of a choice any more, is it?"

He had grown disillusioned with New Labour long ago, "but I had hoped Brown would have brought something to the party that Blair didn't." He smiles thinly. "He has certainly done that, but it can hardly be called an improvement. Gordon Brown is dull, crushingly so, and that's the very worst thing that can be said about anyone. Given what has happened to the economy this past year, I'd advocate an uprising, nothing short of a revolution. We should take to the streets in protest."

And would he be right there alongside us?

"If Eurostar services weren't disrupted as a result of it, then yes," he says. "Yes I would."

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