Monday 11 May 2009

Legal challenge to G20 kettling

News just in that the Climate Camp is trying to move forward with a legal challenge to the police kettling at Bishopsgate on April 1.

As I argued in an earlier post, there is good reason to think that the kettle at Bishopsgate was illegal even if the Law Lords' decision in the Austin case earlier this year is good law. There is a strong case that the kettle in question did not meet the tests of reasonableness and proportionality which the Law Lords laid down.

However, the Climate Camp needs money to mount the legal challenge:

'We really, really, need to raise £40,000 quickly to challenge the kettling. (If we win, we will get it back, and can use it to fund future legal stuff.) It may seem a lot but we think we can do it - small amounts from lots of people will get us to this target. See the Camp Donate page to donate to the Legal fund. Please tell all your friends and rich aunties.'

Relevant links are here (Legal Team) and here (Donations).

Let's give generously!

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