Saturday 16 January 2010

Sunder Katwala: 'Fabians losing tug-of-war for soul of Cameronism to Thatcherism'

The Fabians are losing the battle for the soul of Cameronism to the Thatcherites, according to Sunder Katwala, general secretary of the Fabian Society.

Speaking at the Fabians' New Year Conference, Mr Katwala said: "The Conservatives have changed their image, their language, they say they stand for the things we stand for...They have changed the brand but they don't want to sell out on ideology, for them the smaller state is still more freedom."

David Cameron, he said, was "caught between two audiences" while Cameronism was an "agenda in search of an idea".

"Four years in we don't know who this man is and what he stands for," he added.

Fellow panellist and Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee praised David Cameron's "deftness and charm" but said politicians must be judged by their policies and actions.

Speaking at a debate entitled 'Will the real David Cameron please stand up?' Polly Toynbee said Cameron's green policies had "vanished" and it was Conservative councils which were obstructing wind farms and alternative energy plans.

"It is a party full of climate change deniers," she added.

Cameron's economic policies would have led to a far worse recession than the one we are currently experiencing, she said, and his commitment to localism amounted to "devolving the axe".

His agenda involved "devolving responsibility for paying for things downwards and redistributing money upwards."


Robert said...

OK look at Brown, New labour he actually said this is New labour, more jobs for the middle England voters, we must do more for middle England.

He is again showing us that the grass roots of labour are now the middle England vote, you can see who is writing the notes for Brown it's Campbell, the jokes which might be funny if Blair did them look like stones to brown, his smile makes children scream and have nightmares, and the policies of New labour are now right wing New labour middle of the road, Thatcherism.

13eastie said...

'Fabians losing tug-of-war for soul of Cameronism to Thatcherism'


You are losing it to the proven and unqualified disaster that is Gordon Brown.

Labour is heading for oblivion while it carries this dead weight.

It is a cause of hilarity to those outside the Labour/Fabian bubble (and one of massive reassurance to the opposition) that none of you are able to recognise this!