Saturday 24 April 2010

Dacre keeps up class war on Clegg

Last weekend, extending their personal attack on Nick Clegg to the LibDem leader's lack of British blood rather distracted attention from the Daily Mail's core purpose, which was to launch the type of class war attack which the newspaper famously - if selectively - deplores.

But they're back!

This weekend with a double-page spread:

Some Ordinary Northerner! How Nick Clegg is really a man of extraordinary privilege whose family own a chateau

Splendidly, it begins

Yesterday he was at it again.

The premise is again that Clegg has been presenting himself to the voters as Cloth Cap Nick of the North, something of which most voters may remain unaware.

It may be his constituency but Clegg, whose main home is a £1.5million property in Putney, South-West London, is not a product of it. Anything but.

The third of four children, he in fact enjoyed an idyllic childhood in rural Buckinghamshire.

So how on earth could Middle England want anything to do with this foreigner!

In truth, it has been a week of thin pickings for the Daily Mail's investigate team. It turns out their daft Nazi splash came from CCHQ, not Google.

And now they've only managed to turn up one ex-Clegg girlfriend - and so are charging him with not being nearly enough of a shagger.

Doesn't sound like enough to scare us all off a hung Parliament.

Still, almost a fortnight to go.

Must Try Harder, Mr Dacre.

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