Friday 16 April 2010

Time for a u-turn over Paxman, Dave?

Gordon Brown will be interviewed by Jeremy Paxman in a Panorama election special Jeremy Paxman on BBC 1. The date is to be announced: Monday 26th April had been mooted earlier.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg took part last Monday - and did pretty well, though only Next Left seemed to spot an untruth on child benefit, as this came before the LibDems were catapulted into the media spotlight.

David Cameron had told the BBC he'd be washing his hair rather than taking up the invitation to explain his plans for the government of Britain this coming Monday night. As Paul Waugh reported:

If Mr Cameron does indeed run scared of Paxo, he will be defying tradition. Tory leaders have done the 'big interview' on Panorama ever since 1964 - when the last old Etonian Prime Minister Sir Alec Doulgas Home submitted himself to a grilling by Robin Day.

Tim Montgomerie of ConservativeHome - who advised Cameron not to take part in a leadership debate for fear of boosting Nick Clegg - has been arguing against doing the Paxman interview too.

Still, I think Tory spokesmen may now be looking for the reverse gear in the Lexus.

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