Tuesday 20 April 2010

Does Boris secretly want Dave to lose?

Dave Hill's theory is primarily about the substance of which party's agenda would be good for the Mayor's London agenda, as well as calculations as what might help him personally in 2012.

Be mindful, though, that there are two public versions of Boris Johnson: Mayor Boris and Telegraph Boris. The latter tickles all those Tory grassroots hotspots with a gigolo's expertise. The former, though, is more of a realist and less of a tart.

Mayor Boris knows that the success of his mayoralty crucially depends on maintaining public investment in those large infrastructure projects, not to mention that prestige urban regeneration scheme known as the 2012 Olympics. Free-enterprise believer he may be, but he understands the value of the taxpayer pound to London, and would scarcely be human if he didn't also recognise its importance to the future of Boris Johnson

Unthinkable - yet highly persuasive too.

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