Thursday 8 April 2010

How to twitter your local contest: the #GE2010 constituency hashtags

There will be more blogging and tweeting on the election campaign than ever before.

During the campaign, and especially when the votes are being counted, there will be a lot of interest in information and news from local contests. It will be possible to follow conversations about each constituency if voters, campaigners and candidates use a hashtag to identify the seats they are discussing.

But what would there be left to say in 140 characters if you're in Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross? And how can everybody tweeting constituency-level news coordinate so that they are using the same hashtag shorthand to identify the seats, rather than several different versions?

The answer is the full list of harmonised constituency hashtags.

You can also link to it or tweet it using

Many thanks to Greg Callus of Political Betting, who blogs and tweets as Morus, for leading and coordinating this exercise among political bloggers. Bloggers and tweeters are being asked to promote the list and/or the relevant constituency hashtags early in the campaign to make this as effective as possible.

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