Friday 24 September 2010

Can you take the "Red Ed" challenge?

He has been declared "Red Ed" Miliband by the silly end of a media and political blogosphere which this week lost credibility in seeming to struggle to spot the difference between "Red" Vince Cable and Bob Crow.

But what counts as a revolutionary platform in these post-ideological days?

Next Left is naturally keen to find out, even if some of those laying the charge are not always totally sure what the ammunition is, as the FT's Jim Pickard noted.

Another hack told me weeks ago that Ed had tacked wildly to the left with his socialist policy agenda. Such as what, I asked? “Well, I don’t really know,” he admitted. “Does it matter?” Such is the reality of the Westminster village.

Fortunately, one of our top Tory bloggers is now going to come to the rescue. The great Tory Bear, having tweeted "Red Ken, Red Ed, Reds in opposistion for a decade" has now accepted Next Left's Red Ed challenge.

Please name 3 "Red Ed" policies not supported by either a governing Coalition party or David Miliband.

Ed M is being excessively centrist in not backing his brother (and Vince Cable) on a mansion tax, and nor does he support Ed Balls on starting the 50% top rate at a lower amount. (Supporting the current tax rate kept by the Cameron, Osborne and Clegg govenment is not a leftwards lunge, nor is calling for it to be "permanent" a real policy difference if neither his brother nor the LibDems support calls to repeal it).

He has some way to go to match the popular leftist windfall tax and minimum wage in the Blair-Brown 1997 New Labour manifesto.

We'll soon find out whether there is enough to keep the Red Ed flag flying.

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Billy Blofeld said...

"Please name 3 "Red Ed" policies not supported by either a governing Coalition party or David Miliband."

You are asking the wrong question.

If you were instead asking who is the Union's own puppet on a string who will be dancing to their tune - then the answer is of course Red Ed.

Nobody else comes near that description....