Monday 27 September 2010

John Leech did not vote for the coalition - but who is the third man?

A world exclusive scoop for the Fabian fringe in Manchester tonight when John Leech MP admitted from the platform that he did not for the coalition government at the Fabian Society and CentreForum fringe meeting on future Lib-Lab relations:

"As one of only three Lib Dem MPs who didn't vote for the coalition, I am absolutely certain that we shouldn't close the door on a coalition with Labour."

Charles Kennedy is already on record as having abstained on the Coalition, so who is the third man (or indeed, woman, though there are only nine of them)?

In conversations with Next Left after the fringe meeting, John Leech refused to reveal this information. The search continues.


MatGB said...

Um, none of the MPs "voted against". Kennedy was one of three that abstained, which is a completely different thing.

No, I've no idea eitehr, I have a few suspects in my minds but...

Sunder Katwala said...

Sorry, you are right, as the quote itself says.