Tuesday 21 October 2008

George Osborne's real problem

What really worries me about George Osborne ...

is not so much Ben Wegg-Prosser's worry about George coming unstuck for being a blabbermouth,

nor yet Adam Boulton's observation that Osborne's narrowly framed denial is sidestepping several unanswered questions, about whether the party discussed taking an illegal foreign donation

and not even what we should infer from John Redwood publicly batting so hard to save Boy George from the Shadow Chancellor's Tory critics

No. Today's OECD report is a reminder of why government policy matters is increasing opportunity and narrowing inequality. But George Osborne's tax proposals are focused on increasinginheritance tax thresholds at the top

So - for me - there is an even more important question about George Osborne than why he took the party's chief fundraiser to the boat party

And that is why the tax plans of the new Tory progressives would do so much more for the have yachts than the have nots.

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