Friday 17 October 2008

Silly Sarko

Indignation!", "An affair of state!" splashed the front pages in France yesterday.

Never mind the financial crisis, the European summit or the tensions of the Sarkozy-Merkel relationship.

Nicolas Sarkozy seems to want to declare a national emergency over the booing of the French national anthem before Wednesday night's the football match against Tunisia.

There have been Ministerial summits, urgent press statements - and a new policy. It is already an offence to insult the anthem. But, in future, the President says the French football team will not play if the anthem is booed.

The more likely outcome of the furore will be that the French will not arrange any Paris fixtures against African teams, which seems to be the policy being advocated by Sports Minister Bernard Laporte:

"Let's just stop organizing these kinds of matches so these kinds of people will be deprived their team,

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