Friday 3 October 2008

"Save the planet, save the party"

Or something like that, as Heroes (just back on our screens) might have put it.

My point is that Ed Miliband will still be in charge of the Labour manifesto, combining that with his new departmental role for Climate Change and Energy - a question I was musing about earlier as the reshuffle was being announced.

That raises the attractive prospect of Labour's 'fairness' mission for more equal life chances being used to give the manifesto a much more coherent 'red and green' argument for a modern social democracy than has been true at the last three elections. (That was an argument that The Elder Miliband had begun to develop during his own stint as Environment Secretary, and on which his brother might now build).

It will not be easy. But, done properly, that could even yet begin to reconnect the party to the progressive campaigning energy and movements often now often found outside formal party politics.

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