Tuesday 14 October 2008

Top secret Tory thinking: a brilliant plan

Governments can govern - but oppositions don't have that option.

Their task - were young Osborne and Cameron were to get a little bored with having to look as engaged as Vince Cable in the sobriety of grown-up scrutiny - is to engage in the strategic media politics of trying to look as serious and governmental as they can without looking like that is their motivation.

And so it is that the Conservatives have strategically leaked their top secret thinking to ConservativeHome.

Here's a quick summary.

Gordon Brown is doing well: the bastard. Surely that can't last. (It might last for a little bit; so let's say we were expecting that). Nobody cares what we think. We don't mind at all about that. (Clue: this might not be the whole truth). However, all will be well. We have a secret and brilliant plan to focus "like a laser beam" on having a secret and brilliant plan. (Has anybody got Vince's number?) It should be about the 'real economy', not the pretend one. People won't want the awful state to do anything about it; they will want to know that we empathise.

So the main thing I learnt from the exercise is that they certainly (and rightly) think that ConservativeHome is a jolly important website.

And I assume somebody at CCHQ has already sent it to Professor Krugman for his approval. Novices, huh? That'd show 'em.

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