Thursday 30 October 2008

How linked are the different Democratic campaigns?

North Carolina should be an interesting place to find out.

The Obama staffers we talk to are, of course, very positive about their Democratic counterparts, and their chances of success.

Of slight concern, however, was meeting Kay Hagan, Democratic candidate for the Senate (against the virtually absentee incumbent Liddy Dole, wife of former Republican veep candidate Bob Dole) in a park in Raleigh at a tiny endorsement rally held by the International Association of Firefighters.

Ms Hagan was incredibly warm at the prospect of having an unofficial international Labour Party chapter for her Senate run, and by all accounts is extremely capable. Yet when we returned to the campaign office, only a bloc away, to say we had just ‘endorsed’ their Democratic comrade, almost none of the local FOs or volunteers had met her – and were fairly disappointed at the fact…

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Nick Anstead said...

Interestinly, you are up against a cultural disposition here as well. Americans quite like divided government. Back in March and April a lot of Democrats were really hopefuly that Obama's coat tails would help them in the House and the Senate. But now Obama looks set to win comfortabley (touch wood!). But the fact that his victory seems pretty likely may actually encourage lots of moderate Americans to vote for him for President, but then ticket split further down the ballot.

Another point. Obama's remarkable fundraising operation may have harmed other candidates. It is certain the DNC has actually had a pretty bad fundraising electio. The RNC out scored them $3 to $1.