Monday 23 March 2009

Alastair Campbell: I didn't see Obama coming

"Did I see Obama coming? The answer is no. I was in the States when Hillary was doing well and felt like she was on a roll. And then there was a moment when it all changed".

"But I think we would have been having the discussion anyway. This discussion has been needed; and it has been coming a long time. This place - Millbank - is symbol of that command and control communications that, at that time, was necessary for Labour to win big in the way that it did".

Campbell argues that this era is over, but that it is not as simple as some argue.

"Obama was a brilliant manifestation of the need to let go - in a way it was letting go as a way to stay in control", said Campbell, arguing that was the

Campbell said that there was control in a brilliantly organised campaign. But that part of the superbness of the organisation was that it was a bit chaotic. People were prepared to take risks. Had it all gone wrong then people would be saying 'whose fault is it?'. But taking those risks was necessary to make ground on both Hillary Clinton and then on John McCain.

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