Friday 6 March 2009

When family ties fail to save the bacon

North-east Somerset PPC Jacob Rees-Mogg should know a fair bit about journalism, after his dad was the editor of Times for some years. He probably reads the papers every day, but who was to know the favourite reading matter these days is The Sun.
The Sun, of course, has always been full of incisive political comment, so no wonder then that the Rees-Mogg camp, were so impressed by the wise words of The Sun's associate editor Trevor Kavanagh that they took them to their hearts and made them their own.
Rees-Mogg has now apologised for an article appearing in his campaign's newsletter appearing to be amazingly similiar to that of Mr Kavanagh.
Mr K has said sweetly that he was flattered, rather than offended.
Rees-Mogg with his wide-ranging journalistic contacts should be able to prevail on a few friends to pen some original, wise words on his behalf. Family ties can be so useful, can't they...

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