Saturday 14 March 2009

Ed Miliband: the movie?

Well done Iain Dale on his robust dismissal of the Telegraph's attempt to find some controversy in who Ed Miliband's girlfriend is. Its a report indicative of general anti-political reporting. "A disgrace", says Dale.

The details in the Telegraph's own report - Miliband registered the nature of his partner's work in the register of members' interests, without naming the individual, while giving all of the relevant details to the department, make it pretty obvious that the potential issues arising from a relationship have been addressed.

Gaby Hinsliff also takes a rational approach - Chinese walls are needed, but there are worrying and rather sexist, assumptions behind this 'controversy'.

Hinsliff reports Thornton is "a hot-shot environmental lawyer, who has worked for a lot of green causes but is now apparently "preferred counsel" for Eon"

So what we have here is the plot of the Michael Douglas-Annette Bening movie 'The American President', in which an (almost implausibly) liberal and environmentally minded Democrat President has to negotiate a relationship with a green lobbyist and advocate, despite the barbs of right-wing opponents and the media.

It is not the greatest film in the world, though I can't immediately think of a better political RomCom, and most of the West Wing cast seemed to be in it.

But it does have a happy ending.

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