Monday 23 March 2009

Would we be having this discussion without Obama's victory?

Would we be having this discussion if it were not for the Obama campaign, asks David Lammy of Will Straw. Straw says: "This is indicative of the changes that are taking place in society. People before Obama understood that such as Howard Dean.
In a way these changes could be as profound as the invention of the printing presses. Obama's victory has given us the opportunity to talk about this."
Ben Brandzel says in some senses we ought to have been asking the same question without Obama's victory - but it was catalytic.
Command and control was appropriate for the time, says Catherine Mayer of Time Magazine, but there's so much guff said and written about the impact of the Obama campaign. "The word change had a real resonance there, it's not something that for Labour is going to be an appropriate campaign message that's for sure".

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