Monday 23 March 2009

"Labour is afraid of debate"

There were complicated reasons why Labour won the election after Iraq. But one of the things is the reasons around the residual anger around Iraq is that it is stronger on the Left, says Catherine Mayer of Time.
The Labour movement has this bad history of shredding itself so is therefore afraid of debate, says Mayer.
One of the key lessons is about debate and enaged in very vigorous debate and the reason why Iraq was so toxic was there was attempts to stifle debate, she adds.
We need to be clear that there is no silver bullet, says Will Straw, but it is about an opening up and having a much more open debate about policy.
Since people can comment any time, anywhere, they want to be able to engage in the debate about the issues, says Will Straw.
You had the 24/7 media age when Alastair was there, we have no moved on from that. Can Labour move on from that? I think it is a challenge, but we have to do it, he adds.
The good news is that Tories are useless at this, says Alastair Campbell. "You've got to be careful about this, one of the reasons Obama did as well as he did he set down strong markers."

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