Wednesday 11 March 2009

Twittering takes hold in Dundee

Guest post by Martin Brown

Scottish Fabians had a twitter fringe event at SLPC in Dundee. Scottish Fabians and some young Labour people came to see us on Floor 10 in City House. We had a great view from the top floor, of the Tay estuary and Dundee City centre while we discussed updates in Twitter and used for up to the minute pics in @louisesdad and @fabianscotland.

The programme was much less formal than our usual fringe events at conference. We encouraged conference goers to tweet us on what they saw and heard. We picked up on conversations from our rented office with twitter projected live onto the wall for our visitors.

We took tweets all day from conference: mainly comments on the big speeches. In the afternoon we also took time to tweet bout the Calman Commission in support of an East Lothian CLP fringe event with Iain Gray MSP as the main speaker.

Here are a few tweets, from the favourites tab in @louisesdad or @fabianscotland:

Iain Gray made a great speech. VG on the recent history of Labour and the legacy of Thatcher.


Not counting, but Gray is getting a lot more applause than Brown. Fantastic

kezdugdaleGray points out that 30 years ago the Nats put thatcher in power and have never regretted it

@fabianscotland Iain Gray mentioned Brandon Lee in his speech yesterday. On the Politics Show now, being asked about child protection promises at SLPC...


Self-assured, a little self-depracating and certainly one of the most impressive speakers we have, is Jim Murphy


Ed Miliband doing a Cameron and speaking without notes away from lecturn, confused the cameramen no end.

We are looking forward to our next fabtwitter event.


Andrew Cairns said...

we are glad the event was a success!
next time, send a direct message to @dundeeliving and we will let our followers know and add it to our site!

louisesdas said...

Thanks for the offer. I will get the next one to you (-: