Friday 14 November 2008

Inside intelligence

Obvious prediction: the Obama transition is going to be just as tight-lipped and disciplined as the campaign.

We are in for two months of endless speculation - and very little hard news - where everybody will be talking and guessing out loud with the exception of the few people who know what is going on.

So what is the press corps to do?

They will be reporting things like this.

We got word the Obama family's Secret Service code names: Barack is Renegade; Michelle is Renaissance; Malia is Radiance; Sasha is Rosebud.

But what on earth is the point of secret service code names that are published and not secret at all?

Wouldn't Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha serve just as well?

1 comment:

Kid Eternity said...

It's been known that his code name is Renegade for well over a year now...