Tuesday 18 November 2008

SoS Hilary

Hilary Clinton will be offered and will accept the role of Secretary of State reports The Guardian, making that call, after several days of speculation, well ahead of US outlets

US outlets and blogs are sceptical about the Guardian's decision not to indicate anything about its source, notes Telegraph US editor Toby Harden in an informative post unpicking the clues. His hunch that Sidney Blumenthal could well be the source makes sense; the idea of an intervention from Gordon Brown to break the story seems slightly less likely!

Politico's report on the (incomplete) vetting process appears to confirm that Hilary Clinton is the number one choice for the role. (If that were not the case, the restoking of the Obama-Clinton rivalry would be a major unforced error in the opening fortnight of the transition).

Bringing the Clintons in was always going to break with the "no drama Obama" rules of the President elect's campaign.

Whichever way it goes, the Guardian's report makes it more likely the post will be formally announced sooner rather than later.

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