Friday 28 November 2008

Secret Tory strategy for the West Midlands marginals

When it comes to football, David Cameron is an Aston Villa fan. Not a particularly massive fan, as he admits.

But his uncle took him to a Villa game, so that's his team. (Of course, his uncle, Sir William Dugdale, was the Chairman of the football club but you can not choose your background, you know).

Clearly this allegiance could be worth a great many votes in the West Midlands' marginals come the next election.

Especially now that the Tory leader of Birmingham Council has had a brilliant idea for a light spot of rebranding.

City council leader Mike Whitby feels that the suburban-sounding Villa does not do justice to Britain’s second city.

He is urging a name change, possibly to ‘Aston Villa Birmingham’, and plans to raise the matter with club chairman Randy Lerner.

How to make Boris Johnson look like an expert.

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