Tuesday 4 November 2008

Praying for rain?

Just in from the rain with a wet pile of canvas sheets - and it's more of the same forecast for most of North Carolina tomorrow. The sort of weather that strikes fear into the hearts of activists on the left. Right?

Not necessarily. Some of the Field Organisers here are suggesting that, with a lead of 250,000 early votes already in the bank in North Carolina, it is Obama supporters - fired up, ready to go as the slogan has it - that will come out regardless of the weather. Polls have Obama supporters far, far more enthusiastic in their support than Republicans. Added to which, something like 55% of new voters here have already voted.

Still. Having canvassed - again - the college campuses of Raleigh, which Obama will need to turn out at almost 100% to guarantee victory here, I have some concerns about whether all the students we met will make that journey in the drizzle...

There is a real buzz around the office - let's hope it can be translated into votes. Polling in the campaign office has it at 47.8% ALL. Campaign staffers are about to grab about 2 hours sleep before the "midnight walk" of "silent canvassing" (leafleting to you and I...) Activists are still in their hundreds, tubs of fresh coffee replaced regularly.

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