Sunday 2 November 2008

North Carolina Day 4, Part 2: GOTV time

It's GOTV time in NC.

The volunteer operation is unbelievable, as evidenced by today's canvassing returns.

Out of one campaign office (Downtown Raleigh), across three pieces of 'turf' (the patches and precincts assigned to each Field Organiser), Obama volunteers, who are recrutied on an almost continuous basis, knocked on nearly 4,300 doors - with a contact rate of about 35%.

That's around 1500 voters spoken to today in just our patch of the city.

And I just ran the call lists through VoteBuilder: across the same area, only 70 people - 70 - have not had a call from the Obama team (which includes those who have had up to 2 messages after a 2 day gap).

Early voting says that in the State, Obama leads by 160,000 voters.

But we drove past a Palin rally today, just outside the city, and the crowd ran well into the thousands. As the Senator himself said, this isn't over yet.

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