Thursday 6 November 2008

Not too Dizzy: sign up Mr Rascal

Sign up Dizzee Rascal now. He put in an impressive performance on the issues of British politics and its openess to a British version of Obama on a special Newsnight programme, hosted by Jeremy Paxman last night.
The brevity of Dizzee's answers showed politicians just how they should communicate a message. He was concise but to the point. He was positive about opportunities in Britain and felt it could happen here, well, sometime.
He left Paxman flummoxed. The best moment: Jeremy calling Dizzee: "Mr Rascal".

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Ed said...

I heard Colin Murray on the radio last night ribbing Paxman for calling him "Mr Rascal".

It is, admittedly, quite funny, and they made feature of thinking up various other rappers who could get the same treatment on Newsnight - Mr Diddy, Mr Cent,Mr Z etc...

But the other side of the coin is Michael Portillo on 'The Verdict' repeatedly calling MegaMan from So Solid Crew 'Megs'. I'm not sure which approach is the less cringe-worthy...