Saturday 1 November 2008

North Carolina; Day 4: Moving the Goalposts

We may get to pick when the elections are, but once we have, the rules are fixed. Here, local party chiefs in Wake County have been making representations all week to the Board of Elections - and have managed to get the early vote hours extended, keeping the polls open an extra 4 hours today.

In Raleigh today, hoping to make use of the extra hours are Sarah Palin, and, on the historically black Campus of Shaw University, political comedian Chris Rock (an event which the British team - us - is running the Field Operation for...). Both events will be followed by marches to the early voting locations.

The four most reliable polls for North Carolina have the results: McCain +1, Obama +1, Tie, Tie. These mobilisation operations could be rucial. But judging by the early vote returns, it is easy to see why the Democrats were lobbying hardest for the longest early voting hours possible...

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