Sunday 30 November 2008

LibDem reshuffle leaks from on high

Nick Clegg is going to have a difficult time with several Parliamentary colleagues after thinking out loud about his next reshuffle with fellow MP and chief of staff Danny Alexander on a plane to Scotland within earshot of the Sunday Mirror.

Apart from the personal comments, his strong preference for David Laws over Steve Webb also reflects a desire to tilt the balance of party policy rightwards,

But more damaging still may be the LibDem leader's comment that he finds a Tory defeat unimaginable.

He even revealed he would consider a coalition but, while he didn’t say which party he’d side with, he added he would only consider it if Tory David Cameron loses the next election.

“I would think about it,” he admitted. “But only if the Tories lose. And I can’t imagine that.”


labourparty said...

Er, Nick Clegg is going to have a difficult time with several Parliamentary colleagues, surely?

Robert Alcock said...

A story such as this really needs to be absolutely water-tight – and, as Iain Dale points out, there are some significant seepages

in Lee-Potter’s copy. Clegg himself dismissed it as essentially a work of fiction on today’s Politics Show.

But unfortunately for Clegg, he has some form in the indiscretion stakes. Take this from Kevin Maguire in the NS in May 06…

That thrusting young Minger Nick Clegg should learn to swivel his head to spy who is sitting within earshot before shouting into a mobile phone about an aged Olympic sprinter off to a poor start. While waiting on Bournemouth station for the London train, it was impossible for your columnist not to overhear the Lib Dems' home affairs chap itemising, between sips of Red Bull, his leader Sir Ming Campbell's political crimes. Ming the Mediocre, according to Clegg, is hesitant and disorganised, commits avoidable errors and lacks momentum but - this was the loyal bit - is capable of recovering. With friends like Clegg, who needs Simon Hughes?


Sunder Katwala said...


thanks. have corrected that. too early on a Sunday!