Wednesday 5 November 2008

What about NC

The most emotional scenes I have ever seen were only very slightly overshadowed among the North Carolina Obama campaign team by a contested result in the State.

At the Raleigh election party, as CNN stubbornly refused to declare any result in NC (Fox was in the background playing Liddy Dole's concession speech to Kay Hagan, as jubilant Democrats waved "bye!"), rumours were circulating that Obama had carried the state by 11,000 as one rural Western county - which for years had gone heavily Republican - had tipped in Obama's favour.

Now it appears that those provisional ballots - which had been causing the team so many headaches as they tried to pinpoint where their votes were as part of 'Operation Houdini' (of which much more later), and of which around 60,000 were cast - will now be crucial.

Blue from Maine to Carolina? All eyes on the Board of Elections.

Well, some eyes. Almost everyone else is swept up in something, the power of which, to people here in the South especially, we can only begin to describe.

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Sunder Katwala said...

Congratulations Tom.

I see NC has been called for Obama.

It sounds like you planned your trip with laser like precision to be in the one state where your efforts could tip the balance.