Saturday 20 June 2009

Climate change not wind turbines is biggest threat to countryside - Miliband

"We need to win the argument with people that the the biggest threat to the countryide is not wind turbines it is climate change," said Ed Miliband at the Fabians Road to Copenhagen conference.

In response to a question from the floor, he said he thought a 40% target was not achievable because it was about "the art of the possible". "I think we have to get as close as we can."

"We don't see a route to minus 40 right now, partyly because of the US partly because of Russia."

There need to be a route map for the UK's decarbonisation - we are going to try and do that, said the Climate Change Secretary.

"As far as the PM's commitment (to the climate change debate)t, he is very committed. He and I will being saying more about this soon."

He argued that a vital part of getting a significant deal in Copenhagen was about getting significant numbers of developing countries can commit to making reductions as well as developed countries."

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