Saturday 20 June 2009

Green MPs would put fear of God into Labour, says Ken

Some of the discussion at the Fabian Society/FEPS Road to Copenhagen conference has been about what the catalyst would be to really shifting the political mainstream.

If anybody has a record of stretching pluralism beyond party boundaries, it is surely Ken Livingstone.

Today, he is taking the red-green thing quite far:

"If the Greens were to pick up a few seats from Labour at the General Election, by god that would put the fear of God up them"

A couple of enthusiastic shouts and some clapping at this. (We do have Sian Berry in the next session - and quite a broad audience).

"Applause - at a Fabian event", says Paul Hilder of Avaaz from the Chair.

"Get their names! Expel them!", shouts Ken.

Lots more about this conference on twitter - hashtag #ccc

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