Monday 8 June 2009

Welsh earthquake

The Tories topping the polls in Wales is one of those political developments which can not be diminished by expectation management. Even on a night when the BNP have won seats, UKIP have finished second, and Labour has its lowest ever score, this must have a good claim to be the headline of the election.

It is an achievement for the Tories to benefit from the sharp drop in the Labour vote, rather than Plaid Cymru.

I have heard conflicting reports between the BBC website and the TV broadcast about whether the last time Labour did not come first in Wales was the Khaki election of 1918 (as just said on the TV) or the 1922 election. Can any Welsh specialists clear that one up?

PS: I just about managed to resist "Earthquake in the Valleys" as a headline. Here's betting that two or three newspapers use it tomorrow.

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