Wednesday 24 June 2009

What are you doing on Friday?

Many Next Left readers will already be aware that this coming Friday is a Global Solidarity Action Day calling for justice for Iranian workers. But if you don't, this post might of help.

The action was initially planned by a range of labour organizations to protest specifically about the suppression of organized labour in Iran, but is now becoming the focus of a wider protest against the current, brutally oppressive regime.

Details of an event near you are kindly provided by some Iranian comrades here. For their interesting analysis of the situation in Iran, which has a different emphasis to that in much of the mainstream media, and explanation of why we should support the planned protests on Friday, look here.

It is easy to feel powerless to help those fighting for a free society in Iran. But a big turn-out at these events will be noticed by those we support in Iran and will give them heart and, perhaps, more hope.

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