Sunday 7 June 2009

Scottish swing will be major worry for general election

Figures showing a massive SNP swing in Scotland will be a major migraine for Labour in the general election, whenever it might be.
Swings putting the SNP ahead in Edinburgh and Fife show the wobble Scottish voters felt at the beginning of the economic downturn in the autumn last year, which undermined support for the SNP, has worn off.
In September last year - as the Scottish banks were being part nationalised - SNP voters' belief in a strong independent Scotland were undermined and there was talk of a move back towards Labour.
The votes in the EU election show that concern about the SNP's ability to govern in hard economic times may have worn off.
If the EU vote is anything to go by the SNP are in the ascendancy in Scotland and will challenge Labour's historic domination of the Scottish vote further in any general election with dramatic long-term consequences.

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