Saturday 20 June 2009

Livingstone on Thatcher and leadership

You have to watch out for politicians saying: "do us a campaign, and we will do what you want. They have to lead: they could change the politics by saying that it is unsustainable and it can't go on", says one of the campaigners at the Fabian Society/FEPS Road to Copenhagen conference.

Ken Livingstone is somewhere on the middle on this: we need campaigning from below and leadership which goes out on a limb.

Perhaps Maggie could inspire this.

"Margaret Thatcher took risks. It was because she had an ideology. She was always out on a limb. She never had a majority in Cabinet. But she shifted the whole of post-war politics away from a social democratic politics to a market driven one.

That was because she had guts. She was mad but she had guts. [laughter]

I wish ours were sane, but that they had guts too.

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