Monday 22 June 2009

"Daily Mail readers want to squeeze the rich"

There was a strong desire from Daily Mail readers to squeeze the rich and this had been around for years, said Tim Horton, research director of the Fabians at the report's launch.
Asked about how different types of people polled on attitudes to inequality, Horton said: "On young people - they look at first less egalitarian. Nobody knows if that is a socialising process that will change as they grow older because polling is so young itself."
Policymakers tend to follow economic arguments, but the public tend to have a different view, according to Reform's Andrew Haldenby. "I do find myself on the side of the economists, but does there need to be more of a conversation between those two groups, I suppose there does."
Lisa Harker of Ippr says there may something like policy making by numbers , but she has noticed a trend away from numbers to talking about feelings about fairness. "People are talking about fairness in dinner party settings in a way they didn't in the past."

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