Monday 15 June 2009

Following Iran's democratic protests

The Guardian's Iran pages with reports, commentary and web resources.

The Lede blog at the New York Times has been running live updates which provide an excellent guide to online resources and developments.

Anthony Painter recommends some Iranian democratic twitterers.

Also from the US, Andrew Sullivan has been offering some of the most detailed coverage of the protests. He suggests they are changing America too:

This blog has long been interested in Iran, especially in its younger generation so open to the West ... But many Americans have, sadly, been left unaware of this phenomenon - and a glance at the cable news of the weekend helps explain why. Maybe these images will change that. A reader writes:

I am 31 years old. I cannot remember ever having a discussion about "Iran" at work. I cannot remember ever having a discussion about "Iran" with my wife or members of my family. Unless it was about their nuclear weapons program, or their involvement in Iraq, I cannot remember ever having a conversation about "Iran" with any of my friends. Today, people at work are sharing photos, many of them are those found on the links you have provided. People are speaking about "Iran", not as an enemy - but as a people who has had their freedom taken from them. I don't know how this will resolve, but those protesters need to know they are not alone.

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