Wednesday 3 June 2009


Gordon Brown tonight sent this email to Labour Party members, with the simple subject line 'humbling'.

Dear [--]

Yesterday Ray Collins and Alicia Kennedy emailed you to ask for your help in paying for our final leaflets of this election campaign.

I have been humbled by your response. You raised more than we’ve ever raised online in 1 day before.

Also humbling is the fact that hundreds of members from across the country have used the virtual phone bank during this campaign to make over 20,000 phone calls to target voters.

And the thousands of you who have turned out week in week out to deliver leaflets and knock on doors for Labour.

And I know that you have done all of this in spite of the fact that you feel angered and frustrated about the events of the last few weeks.

As I’ve spoken to members at campaign events across the country you’ve told me why – because you know that despite all of the frustrations we still need to be out there making the case for Labour because on every choice, our Party’s values put us on the right side of the argument while the Tories find themselves hopelessly wrong.

On the economy our commitment to investing to grow our way out of the recession – by helping people keep and find jobs - is opposed by a Conservative Party that believes that cuts and leaving people to fend for themselves is the answer.

On public services, while we see the need to invest in lower NHS waiting times, in extra nursery places and in guaranteeing places in education, training or apprenticeships, the Conservatives see only budgets to be cut.

And on crime, housing and Europe, our commitment to be tough, to help those in need and to engage to get the best deal for Britain are met with the same old Tory responses.

I don’t think there has ever been a time when the choice between our Party and our opponents has been clearer or more important.

So as you continue to make this choice clear to voters on the doorstep tomorrow and beyond please know that I am so grateful for all that our members do for our Party – you are the lifeblood of our Party and yet again you have not let us down.

Thank you



Oldrightie said...

I've just been violently sick you poor sods!

Fitaloon said...

Oops thought the title was Humbled?
Never mind there is always tomorrow.

Cate Munro said...

Sick making

Captain Fun said...

As someone who is very much still a Labour supporter, and who realises very much also the damage that splits within a party can cause; I nevertheless am not especially impressed by this.

"I don’t think there has ever been a time when the choice between our Party and our opponents has been clearer or more important."

Important, yes - but the general public can rarely have been more confused about the choice between Labour and its traditional opponents.

Silent Hunter said...

Haven't we heard it all before?

It was Labour crap then . . .it's LABOUR CRAP now.

Just call the General Election you corrupt bar stewards.