Friday 5 June 2009

LibDems take Bristol

From the Bristol Evening Post

The Lib Dems gained four seats which took their total to 36 while the Tories also gained four to make them the official opposition with 17 seats.

Labour lost eight of the ten seats they were defending which means they are now in third place with 16 seats in the council chamber. The Greens have one seat.

It is believed to be the first time since before the Second World War that Labour have suffered so badly.

The Lib Dems’ victory means an end to Bristol’s “hung” council after six years with no party in overall control.

The Guardian reports here.

The Bristol Blogger offers pictures and an irreverent take in a detailed live-blog.

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy has been twittering her analysis.

We live to fight another day! Lib Dems will be disastrous. And they will have to make decisions for a change!

U hv to bear in mind last time these seats were up was gen election 2005. Turnout tonight c35%. Add to that nat issues...

Expect more on her excellent personal blog here.

The Council was Labour 51, LibDem 12, Conservatives 5 in 1997; and Labour 27, LibDem 32 and Conservatives 13 in 2001. (The history can be found here).

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