Friday 26 June 2009

Spoof Miliband twits Guardian

Though he isn't known as the most poptastic member of the Cabinet, I guess that if the Foreign Secretary were to comment instantanteously on the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, then it isn't entirely impossible that he could say something like what is reported in The Guardian's round-up of twitter reaction - from David Miliband to Demi Moore (though perhaps without the exclamation points).

Foreign secretary David Miliband, wrote soon after the news had been confirmed: "Never has one soared so high and yet dived so low. RIP Michael". He later remarked on the wall-to-wall coverage of the event on 24-hour news channels, writing: "CNN has basically become an mj-only version of mtv!"

These come from the twitter feed @David_Miliband and you don't have to dig too far in to develop the teeniest of suspicions.

Another idea from Eyebrows, sack all the drivers and use McDonalds staff instead. He reckons Reagan would have done it. No Al!
9:14 PM Jun 10th from TwitterBerry

Aide only just turned up for work! Will the RMT single-handedly destroy any chance of constitutional reforms?
12:27 PM Jun 10th from TwitterBerry

Bruised and battered but united and ready to fight on!
10:03 PM Jun 8th from TwitterBerry

Slighty nervous! Feel like Jim Hacker waiting for the 'call!'
1:44 PM Jun 2nd from web

It appears to be a production from

Perhaps not for much longer?

UPDATE (Friday, 2.45pm)

Kudos to Paul Waugh of the Standard - who twittered by around 7am that he had got a crack of dawn on the record denial from the FCO. A true pro. He later blogged on just how many media outlets were fooled.

And to the FCO who - having helpfully emailed the press to say that the Foreign Secretary doesn't twitter - also say that they are fans of the fake twit:''We have been checking it since it started. We find it amusing.'

Now, surely David Miliband is going to have to comment at some point on the FCO blog on all of this hilarity.

Indeed, on checking, he has!.

However, following Gordon Brown and David Cameron's statements this risks making the gap between truth, fiction, media reality and The Day Today ever narrower.

Though he has not gone on to explain how it exemplifies his thesis about the civilian surge which will reshape global politics.

And I doubt he will clear up my (unsourced and unfounded, so perhaps unfair) speculation that he might be more of a Duran Duran man. Catherine Meyer of Time Magazine thinks this is a "cruel" attempt to torpedo his leadership ambitions. I don't know ... Her name was Rio and she dances on the sand ... I preferred Wham! myself, but I was 10 years old.

DM was an Oxford undergraduate around 1984 to 1987, where he was allegedly nicknamed Donny Osmond and evasively described his musical tastes as 'eclectic'. Perhaps he had a Smiths/Morrissey phase. Who knows?

Over to you, Mr Miliband.


Colm said...

BBC news read this out last night too!

We suspected Miliband was pissed, but I suppose this makes more sense.

Rachael Jolley said...

Would that be Spike Miliband - the tweeter in disguise?